SDA 45 Long Colt (Standard-Heavy) Hi-Tek Coated RNFP, USA/Vet Made


These are solid high quality rounds.

250 grain, copper coated

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Power:  Standard

45 Colt ammunition, box of 50 cartridges.

A powerful cartridge that lives up to the full potential of the 45 Colt.   They can be used both for your rifle and your pistols.

The bullet is a 250 grain hi-tek lead bullet.  The copper coating is extra thick with no speed restrictions.  Note, this cartridge cannot be used with Cowboy Action Shooting due to its plating.  If you are looking for cartridges for CASS (Cowboy Action Shooting), consider the 45 Colt, Cowboy load.

It has a Flat Point (suitable for tubular magazines).


  • Velocity
      • Pistol:  803 ft/sec  (StDev 30) — Pietta 45 Colt revolver, 4.5″ barrel
  • Power Factor
      • Pistol:  201
  • Energy
      • Pistol:  358 ft pounds


If you are not familiar with Hi-Tek coating, you will want to be.  The coating is a polymer that lubricates the bullets so wax is not needed.  Thus, there is a lot less smoke and suit.   Additionally, the coating protects you from direct contact with lead. The coating is allowed for shooting steel targets (having no copper jacket), reduces how much lead gets on your fingers and protects the barrel from leading.  More information can be found at Missouri Bullet Company.

Is it safe?

All Sleeping Dog ammo follows SAAMI specifications and is suitable for all 45 Colt firearms that are in good repair.  More information about the different types of 45 Colt firearms and ammunition can be found on the 45 Colt resources pages.  This is also suitable for cap and ball conversion cylinders.


Manufactured by Sleeping Dog Ammo.

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45 Long Colt


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