45-70 Government

The 45-70 is an outstanding cartridge with a long heritage. It was developed for the US Army in 1873 for their Springfield Model 1873 rifle. It’s base design was a 405 grain 45 caliber bullet (0.458″) with 70 grains of black powder. It was used by the US Army many years and was used to hunt large amounts of buffalo.

Because of the improvement in armament technology, the strength of the rifles have increased. There are three strength levels.

Warning:  As with all firearm use, it is expected that you will use good judgement and do your own direct research to ensure that you are operating the firearms in a safe manner.  Because Sleeping Dog Ammo is unable to evaluate your firearm, your skill or any other conditions of firearms you, only use can ensure that you and your firearms is being employed in a safe manner.  You are solely responsibility for all risk.

  • 21,000 cup – Original
    • 1873 Springfield
    • H&R Shikari
    • 1886 Winchester
    • Rolling Block 45-70 and similar
  • 40,000 psi – Lever guns (some at 28,000 PSI)
    • Winchester 1886
    • Marlin 1895 – Barnes Co. tested at 42,000 PSI
    • Winchester 1885 High Wall
  • 50,000 psi, some at 39,000 PSI) – Modern rifles with better actions and stronger steel
    • Siamese Mausers
    • Ruger’s No. 1 and No. 3.  – Barnes Co. shot to 55,000 psi