Ammo Power

Max/Defense (Heavy or Fast) – Cartridges designed for the maximum power within SAMMI’s pressure standards.  Some have hollow point bullets for enhanced expansion.  The Heavy category denotes a full weight bullet, if not the heaviest, to provide maximum mass at higher velocities than standard.  The Fast category have bullets that carry most of their energy in the form of velocity, providing exceptional speed for outstanding penetration.   

Standard/Hunting – Cartridges loaded for the purpose of taking game or accuracy.  These are loaded with accurate powder and high velocities.

Target – Cartridges loaded for basic target shooting.  The speeds are good, giving a mostly flat trajectory while not having excessive recoil.  Reduces wear on your guns.  

Cowboy – Cartridges loaded for low recoil that let’s you get back on target faster.  Designed for Cowboy Action Shooting and meet SASS’s requirements.  Perfect for older guns because the pressures are lower.  Great for new shooters.