5.56mm/223 Rem, 1000 Count – Clean Range Pickup


Once fired brass of 223 Rem/5.56mm
Raw brass, washed only.

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Case used for AR-style rifles. They are mostly 5.56mm, but can contain some 223 Rem. Most of these have the military crimp, so it must be removed before they can be used.

These are range brass that have been hand sorted with some inspection for major issues and then boxed up for your use.  They have been wet tumbled for over an hour.  It makes them shiny and clean.  They still have their primers, so they must be decapped and most of them will need to be swaged.

We’ve hand sorted these (me and my kids). Besides sorting them by type, we’ve removed brass that has damage to the mouth, cases that are blanks and any with dents other than a small one on the shoulder. While we may miss some, we cull about 5% of our stock if that gives you an idea of the quality.

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5.56mm/223 Rem






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