9mm – 1000 Deprimed and Cleaned – Used Range Brass


Once fired brass of 9mm.
Deprimed and cleaned

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Range once-fired-brass for 9mm. One of the most common rounds around, able to be reloaded again and again.

The cases have been deprimed, cleaned and inspected.

We use a cleaning technique to reduce the lead residue in our brass.

  • First, we remove the primer.
  • Second, we wet tumble the brass.

The brass comes out very shiny, almost like new with most, if not all, of the lead salts washed away. This technique reduces exposure of lead to the reloader. Most of the cases have their primer pockets looking like new, but because this is not pin polished, there can be a tiny bits of black scaling remaining; however, the amount does not even need to be removed before reloading.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 6.5 in



9mm Lugar






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