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Dr. Jim’s Prescription Gun Elixir – with Graphene

The most advanced gun cleaner- lubricant and protectant available today.  Cleans, Lubricates and Protects.


  • Forms an invisible protective barrier over your entire gun.
  • Provides unsurpassed anti-wear protection
  • Protection in harshest conditions from water, sand, humidity & salt
  • Prevents and stops existing rust.
  • No silicon — Safe on metal, wood and plastics.
  • Eliminates and prevents carbon, lead and copper fouling
  • Won’t freeze, melt or evaporate
  • Dries fast but never stops lubricating
  • Reduces gun temperatures in high use situations.

(Not for human consumption)


Dr. Jim’s Prescription Gun Elixir combines the unique properties of Graphene into a revolutionary CLP, unlike anything else on the market.  Graphene is a natural “wonder material” and was only discovered by accident in 2002 by Professor Andre Geim, a physics professor at Manchester University in England.  In 2010 Andre Geim was officially awarded the Nobel Prize for its discovery.

Graphene is amazing for many reasons.

It is only one atom thick (making it the thinnest known material in the universe), but it is 150x stronger than an equal amount of steel and 40x harder than diamonds, yet it is more pliable and stretchable than rubber.

Dr. Jim’s Prescription Gun Elixir with Graphene creates a solid but invisible barrier over metal, proving a size and surface area smaller than oxygen and water molecules, which keeps water, salt, etc. from coming into contact with the metal, thereby preventing rust.

The formula creatse a protective coating containing millions of invisible nano particles that penetrate and act like tiny ball bearings, allow for smooth and consistent action throughout your firearm.

Graphene is a perfect conductor of heat, keeping the overall temperature of your barrel down during heavy use, but because it is a dry finish lubricant, it will never become sticky from heat or cold.

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