5.56mm/223 Rem – 500 Count, Ready-to-Load, Swaged, Sized, Trimmed


500 pieces.  Once fired brass of 223 Rem/5.56mm, cleaned, resized, military crimp removed and trimmed.  Ready to load.

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Fully processed 5.56mm/223 cal range pickup. 500 pieces. These are fully processed and ready to load. Most of these brass are 5.56mm military range pickup. Almost all still have the lacquer on the primers indicating they were factory loaded and have only been fired once, which means you can reload the brass more times.   Mixed headstamps



<li>Hand sorted and inspected — small mouth dents are fixed during processing. Small dents in the neck are allowed as acceptable.
<li>First washing. Brass is wet tumbled and cleaned.
<li>Lubricate. The cases are lubricated before they are processed.
<li>Deprimed. All brass is deprimed and checked so only box primers are present.
<li>Resized. Full case resizing is done for 223 caliber.
<li>Swaged. Primer pocket is swaged to remove the military crimp.
<li>Trimmed. All brass pieces are trimmed to 1.745″. This allows for several reloading before trimming is needed again.
<li>Second washing. Brass is wet tumble washed a second time. This removes all lubrication, primer lead fowling, machine oils.


The brass is ready to load with all case prep done for you. The brass comes out very shiny, almost like new with most, if not all, of the lead salts washed away. This technique reduces exposure of lead to the reloader. Most of the cases have their primer pockets looking like new,

Just to be sure, I’ve added extra just in case something slips through. The item is sold by weight.

Due to high number of orders, these will be processed once ordered.  Thus, there will be a few day delay in shipping.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 7.25 × 6.5 in

5.56mm/223 Rem






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