SDA 45 Long Colt (Cowboy) Lead RNFP, USA/Vet Made


These are good general purpose rounds.  Good for SASS shooting.

200 grain, cast lead, Round Nose, Flat Point, Hi-Tek coated


Good cowboy round.

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Power:  Light.  Medium bullet at relatively low speeds for low recoil.

45 Colt ammunition, box of 50 cartridges.

This 45 Long Colt ammunition is designed for Cowboy Action shooting.  They can be used both for your rifle and your pistols.  This competition load is designed for the short ranges in Cowboy Action shooting with lower muzzle velocities and light recoil.  It allows a shorter time to reacquire the target for faster stage times.  If you are looking for a cartridge with more power, consider the 45 Colt Full-Fast.

The bullet is a 200 grain cast lead bullet.  It has a Flat Point (suitable for tubular magazines) and coated with Hi-Tek polymer coating.


If you are not familiar with Hi-Tek coating, you will want to be.  The coating is a polymer that lubricates the bullets so wax is not needed.  Additionally, the coating protects you from direct contact with lead. The coating is allowed for shooting steel targets (having no copper jacket), reduces how much lead gets on your fingers and protects the barrel from leading.  More information can be found at Missouri Bullet Company.


  • Velocity
      • Pistol:  820 ft/sec  (StDev 20) — Pietta 45 Colt revolver, 4.5″ barrel
      • Rifle:  1100 ft/sec  (StDev 40) — Uberti 45 Colt 1873 replica, 20″ barrel.
  • Power Factor
      • Pistol:  164
      • Rifle:  221
  • Energy
      • Pistol:  298 ft pounds
      • Rifle:  544 ft pounds
  • SASS Requirements
      • Pistol:  Max Speed 1,000 ft/sec.
      • Rifle:  Max Speed 1,400 ft/sec.
      • Minimum power factor:  60

This ammo is suitable for Cowboy Action Shooting in rifles and pistols. Obviously, the ballistics you get with your firearms may be different.


Manufactured by Sleeping Dog Ammo.

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Is it safe?

All Sleeping Dog ammo follows SAAMI specifications and is suitable for all 45 Colt firearms that are in good repair.  More information about the different types of 45 Colt firearms and ammunition can be found on the 45 Colt resources pages.

The Judge

These rounds have been tested  in “The Judge” revolver and work great.  Some powders do not work well with the shorter barrel, but these don’t have that issue.  The Judge looks like this.

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45 Long Colt


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